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Please Read Carefully
    These new price sheets replace ALL previous pricing sheets.
    To avoid any pricing mistakes, please discard ALL other sheets immediately.
    These new sheets represents our best efforts to provide you with retail pricing
     in a form you can show your customers & be easy to use as well. These are the
     results of our customer’s suggestions & is just the beginning of our continuing
     effort to provide you with all the tools you need to sell our screen-printed
     products quickly, easily and effortlessly!

Wholesale Prices   All prices in this pricing guide are SUGGESTED RETAIL prices.
     To receive the Wholesale Discounts the Art Work or the file must be provided
     in a usable format (see Art Layout / Preparation) and also we must have a valid
     resale tax ID number on file, (States That Require Them).

Calculating The Discounts   On the 2011 Sheets the 
     discount for ALL sheets is 40% off the entire sheet. To
     get the wholesale price subtract 40% from the suggested

Art Layout / Preparation   The wholesale prices DOES NOT INCLUDE ANY Art
     or Design Work. When required, our art charge is $45.00 per hour, half hour
     minimum. We accept files on disk IBM format. (Vector Art ready for cutting)
     Up to CorelDraw® 8 .cdr,  .scv,  .sci, .fs, .eps,  or .ai files. We also accept cut
     rubylith or vinyl applied to clear films, on non die cut signs leave at least a ½"
     space from the edge. Files can also be E-Mailed to us at: YardSigns@aol.com,
     When E-Mailing files please include your Company Name, City, State and Phone
        *It is VERY important that every file submitted in any format, that all text must
     be converted to curves or paths.

Payment Terms  We accept Visa or Mastercard, American Express and Discover Cards.
     Otherwise orders are shipped C.O.D. or prepaid. Deposits or prepayments may be required.

Non-Standard Quantities   Orders with quantities in-between stated quantities will be priced
      and printed to the lower overall price. For example: 20 signs will be printed and billed at 25
      signs due to 25 signs are cheaper than 20. Otherwise 20 Signs would be the 10 piece price.

Color Matching   To avoid mistakes, please use the color names from our Ink Printing Color  
      Chart form 021803 (Available Soon). Remember we ASSUME Red, Blue, Green, etc., means you
      want the Red, Blue, or Green From OUR Ink Printing Colors chart. Please order carefully, we
      cannot reprint, at our expense, orders where colors were carelessly stated. Also if your
      customer has Pantone® colors, we now do in-house mixing of Pantone® colors, call for pricing.
    Hint: We find it less confusing for customers to choose from our color chart rather than a
               Pantone® chart, customers that have corporate logos or standardized promotional kits
               usually provide you with their Pantone® numbers anyway. Of course that’s up to you.
      We cannot guarantee a perfect color match. Color that must overlap any may show through to
      varying degrees, as well as colors printed on non white materials may look completely different.

Rush Orders   Pricing and our ability to produce rush orders are determined in part by our
      current production requirements, and to specific orders.

Clear Coat   Stickers with a clear coat may be desired when chemical resistance is needed.
      Priced as an additional color.

Order Forms   In an effort to avoid delays and mistakes, please include all necessary information
      on your order forms. Quantity, Size, Ink colors (or Pantone® color), 1 or 2 Sided, Flute Direction,
      Company name, Address, Phone, Etc. Even on Re-Orders, We can’t remember every past order.

Edge Printing   Most die cut items allow for edge printing at no additional charge. We cannot
      print aluminum car tags to the edge. Square cut signs and stickers can run off the edge call for
      any additional charges.

Rounded Corners   We can round most material’s corners for a charge of .15¢ per piece.
       Specify radius when important. We currently have 3/8” & 1 1/2” dies. Corrugated plastic corners
       are best with 1 1/2” radius. These charges do not apply when product is die cut. (Die cutting
       charges apply instead)

Holes   .06˘ per hole charge can be added if holes are
      wanted. We need to know the diameter of the holes
     and where to put them. This can be noted on the file
     itself or the order form.

  *It is recommended that holes are made before printing.

E-Mail:  YardSigns@aol.com
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