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Miscellaneous charges often adds at least 1 to 3 extra days to the production times.

Step Stakes®
$ 83.50
Box Of 50
CorelDRAW 8.0 Graphic
Opaque White Corrugated Plastic  Opaque (Block-out white) corrugated plastic is also available as a special order item. Available only white. adds one additional print color.
Clear Coat  We can over-print most items with a clear coat for added chemical resistance and UV stability. We also offer an anti-graffiti clear as well. Each adds one additional color.
Rounded Corners  We can round most material’s corners for a charge of .25˘ per piece. (Not Per Corner) Specify radius when important.   We currently have 3/8” & 1 1/2” dies. Corrugated plastic corners are best with 1 1/2” radius.
(These charges do not apply when the product is die cut. Die cutting charges apply instead)


Die Cutting  The individual price sheets also notes which items we can die cut. Priced as an additional print color and adds to the production times. Edge printing is included in the Die Cutting prices as well.
Grommets  Are .40˘ each specify either:
Grommet pricing includes the holes.

#2 (3/8” ID)


#0 (1/4” ID).

Holes  A .10˘ per hole charge can be added if holes are wanted.
Edge Printing  The individual price sheets also notes which items the printing can run to the edge along with any charges. Currently, we cannot print car tags to the edge.
Arrows  Two sided signs with arrows are currently priced the same as regular two sided signs.
Different Back Copy  For two sided signs with different copy (other than arrows) on each side, add an additional print color to the two sided price.
Back Slitting  The paper backings on stickers/decals and static clings can be slit for easier peeling, adds an additional print color.
Color Matching  Custom color matching is $10.00 for any color other than our standard print colors. Color matching charges usually applies to repeat orders as well. Also keep in mind, perfect color matching cannot be guaranteed.

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