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           Q. Are Materials Available In Other Than Listed Colors ?
           A. Yes, However We Don't Stock Them So Production Time May Be Longer And Pricing May Be Higher.
                    Also Ink Colors Look Different On Colored Materials, Some Won't Cover At All.
           Q. Are The Listed Production Times Guaranteed ?
           A. No, They Are To Serve As A Guideline - Call If Your Order Would Be Required By A Specific Date.
           Q. Are Higher Or Lower Quantities Available ?
           A. Yes, Call Us For A Quote.
           Q. Are Other Than Listed Sizes Available ?
           A. Yes, However We've Selected The Sizes That Are The Most Common And Economical.
           Q. Do The Sign Prices Include The Stands ?
           A. No, Signs & Stands Are Priced Separate Because Many Customers Buy Different Quantities Of
                    Each, Or Have Stands Or Frames Already.
           Q. Do You Accept Faxed Art Work / Layouts ?
           A. Yes, However An Art Charge Of $45.00/Hr. (One Hour Minimum) May Apply,
And Also Production Time May Be Longer.
           Q. Do You Accept Wholesale Orders ?
Yes, Qualified Wholesale Customers Can Use This Link For More Complete Information.
           Q. How Much Is Shipping To My Area ?
           A. Normal Ground Shipping Bulk Packaged To One Address Is Included In The Price.
           Q. We Screen Print Ourselves. Would You Accept Orders From Us Or Consider Us The Competition ?
           A. Sure, We Print For Large Shops Where Using A Million Dollar Press To Do Small Orders Just Isn't Cost
                     Effective. We Also Have Smaller Shops That Can't Or Don't Want To Hand Print Hundreds Or
                     Even Thousands Of Signs. Either Way We're Here To Help You.

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